In Search of House ‘Perfect’!

Most of us have planned goals in life… and quite often the adult vision is incomplete without that house of one’s dreams where the family lives happily ever after. However, the hasty plunge
into turbulent land markets can prove disastrous both financially and physically.

Lets take a look at some emotional decisions regarding houses and how they can be avoided:

  1. The vision of loveliness: This house has a façade that seems to pop up right out of a
    magazine. You may have fallen in love at first sight but look closely at the details for any structural flaws or cumbersome planning details, which make the interiors a bother rather than a delight. After all, the interior is where you will be.
  2. The ideal location: The house may be placed on a main road and facing west for maximum breeze but think well if other factors related to it are to your liking. Keep in mind too, that main roads are noisier than lanes.
  3. Resale value: Don’t get carried away if your agent is telling you it can be sold for double the amount after a few months. Do you really want to go through the hassle of selling and buying again?
  4. Several bedrooms: The number of bedrooms present in the house may tempt you.  Yet, do you really need them? With a small family, this can prove to be a burden
    instead of an asset.
  5. Lawn area: That large lawn may bring forth visions of garden parties, barbeques; play area for the children and so forth. However, if you are the type who only entertains once a year, then the roominess of a drawing room is much more advisable.
  6. The view outside: It may be that you can see the whole city from where your dream
    house is located or you can see a magnificent scene, but think again. How much time are you likely to spend in your balcony or on the roof in any case? If your house is at a height, you may experience water problems as well.


By following your head rather than your heart, you may let reason triumph over emotion and instead of being saddled with a white elephant, buy something truly consistent with your needs and make your house, a sweet home.

* Image courtesy,r:9,s:126&biw=1093&bih=466


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