Gold fishing…

Keeping pets is a delightful experience but there are many who wince at the thought of maintaining one. For such fussy types, the gold fish is one creature, which, with very little care, can give years of endless pleasure to its owners. (not to mention, assuage the feelings of children clamouring for a pet of their own!) Though the common goldfish, a native of china, is considered quite hardy, and can have a lifespan of up to ten years, this is only possible if adequate attention is given. Hopefully, the following tips will help you give adequate attention to your “water – buddies”

1 No matter how attractive the classic goldfish bowl might look, your growing goldfish undoubtedly needs more space. A rectangular fish tank is the best options it provides a larger surface area and is much easier to clean.

2 Ideally the water should be changed every week. Tap water has chemicals which can be dissipated by letting the tap run for a moment before taking water and then by letting that water sit out for a day.

3 A hood or a similar covering for the tank stops fish from jumping out and keeps dirt from getting in.

4 Decorations, especially those with sharp edges, should be minimized. However, goldfish love hiding places they can swim into.

5 Remember that goldfish have no eyelids, so lights in the fish tank should preferably be removed. At night the tank can be partly covered to allow the fish to sleep.

6 Gravel superbly serves the dual purposes of a breeding ground for useful bacteria plus a hunting ground of leftovers for the fish. Just be careful that the gravel you get is not dyed, as in some cases it might prove fatal. If you don’t have a choice, then rinse it out!

7 Leftover bits of food should not be left floating on the surface, as they start harboring harmful bacteria if not finished the same day.

8 Last but not the least, do not confine your fish to a solitary existence – two goldfish will be much happier together than one. Most people rightly believe that the level of interaction with fishes is less than that of other pets. Still, the goldfish is known to recognize the person who brings its food. It will show this by happily splashing in the water and darting towards the side that person is standing!


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