Once Upon a Melting Pot

Apple of your eye, apple pie

Silken stress cut peel

I will not melt in oven strength

Or under grounded heel

Of crush stricken fantasy meet.


Melt in your mouth margarine

Sticking to the crystal boat

With pieces of my shredded shyness

Rubbed in by a rough shod toe

I slip away ashore.


Maybe still in marmalade pot

The orange will be an orange

For me to find my place

I grovel among the pleading mass

And the silver spoon thrusts me in.


Crust and crumbs I cling to you

As purveyors of the deep

As discarded survivors in the care worn dish

When fruit and nuts will mix

Yet again be whole.                   


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Melting Pot”

  1. Wonderful piece–‘a genuine poetess’ in you more than a psychologist. Take this Unflinching comment as if from unknown without any malice or grudge —-In lighter vein the piece seems to be inspired by Ayesha Zee’s poetry—-Never mind i take leverage for such comments hope this would not invite your ire….

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