About Me

heave ho! Trekking near Donga gali in North Pakistan's mountainous regions

Getting drenched in the first rain of the season or my own sweat, fanning vigorously during long power failures, experimenting in the pseudo laboratory known as a kitchen, teaching by day – typing by night, cuddling friends’ toddlers, gorging on fried fatty food in front of people who are clinging to diets, making up crazy lyrics to random songs, cracking corny jokes, bathing in philosophy and rinsing off with critique, religously devouring anything readable, helping people sort out tangled webs or just feeling one with nature … Thats life for me and you’re welcome in it.

Location: 1st cloud from Planet Earth. Hovering usually above Pakistan where I spend my day time. Periodic visits to the rest of the world.

This blog showcases my writings – published and unpublished stories, articles, features and poetry as well as work in progress.

Feel free to send me your comments and ideas.

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Keep shining!


Kiran Bashir Ahmad

27 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Dear Farman Ali, Thanks for the appreciation. Everything on this blog is completely my own original work and nothing has been copied from anywhere. Just a few illustrations have been taken to help the text along and the sources have been cited. I have been writing poetry since my childhood and have had several poems published to date. All poetry, articles, abstracts, and short stories – that i plan to put in later are and will be my own work.

      1. Because as I read one of the posts I see someone sitting on the other end (obviously at espresso) who resembles you, typing away on her apple.

    1. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand your comment. What does what mean? Are you referring to any particular post here? Send me the link and I will endeavour to explain.

  1. that is the most intersitng blog that i have visited… you did a gr8 work . Keep it you May God will give you successs in future. btw i have also visiteed that Donga gali… 🙂 Nice place.

  2. I have never came across this type of complex intellectual intro ever ! Love your words…Really amazing and the picture matches well…. You are gorgeous 🙂 Love your blog and following it forever now. Love xx

  3. Hello superwoman! I love the photo of yours! Looks great! Seems like a wonderful place Greetings from Germany!

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