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Reiki at home

Reiki is one alternative medicine that has gathered many followers in this part of the world
over the past few decades. Though I have gained exposure to some of its mental and material benefits with reference to the human body, I was unaware of another benefit till recently – namely its effect on inanimate objects and household appliances.

A focussed discussion with Pakistani Reiki Healers and Masters in different cities of Pakistan
revealed some interesting facets. While Reiki may not exactly bring my crashed hard drive back to life or fix the broken manholes lining the roads I pass by, it promises to store positive  healing energy in objects of daily use increasing their efficiency. This action can be seen more as a preventive measure than a completely curative one.

An attuned Reiki healer can direct the Universal energy through his Crown chakra or Third Eye chakra towards his hands or feet and then on towards either people or objects. The
premise behind this is that everything in the Universe resonates with ‘life’. While Reiki doesn’t subtract anything from the attuned healer, he acts as a medium for the positive life force and in the process corrects any internal imbalances in both his own self and in the intended person or object.

A closer look at the main Reiki principles confirms the belief in doing good in the world and
reducing negative thoughts and feelings which attract similar negative energy as in like to like. Honouring one’s elders, refraining from anger and worry, being grateful for life’s bounties and earning an honest living are part and parcel of Reiki. Attitude towards Reiki plays a major role in treatment whether for one’s own self or for an object.

While attunement is carried out by the Reiki Master drawing symbols – figuratively – over the body of the person being attuned, other symbols form an important part in the learning of Reiki. The Power Symbol Cho-Ku-Rei can be used by Level II Healers as a mantra to clear negative energy from rooms by flowing into the walls and being stored there. It can also energise crystals, food and water.

Thus Reiki can be successfully used to open jammed locks, start up cars giving trouble during
winters or otherwise and as a Reiki practitioner friend tells me, through his personal experience, also help in fixing troublesome computers where even computer experts have failed to offer any advice except reformatting!

*Published as a box feature in DAWN newspaper, Karachi, Pakistan.