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Ravine of the Hours

Diligent hands

run through the sands,

shockwaves of time

of kindred signs

fill the void

of eyes and eyes

of tears without water.


A semblance so real

though the eve be surreal,

poetry in motion

floats on air.

Deep down in the lair

a sparkle is born

not to be seen

never to be clear.


It moves in a spiral

down to the sea

born in shadows

will it ever be free?

Still the chain proceeds

and if the sea recedes

It will be,

It will be.

Solitude – A Haiku

Soft, the wind on skin

I dream of the nights away

Spiralling. Nothing.

Dark, the night fleeting,

Swiftly as the sunset goes

Shadowing the glass.

Listen, the rain falls

Shall it undo the rift now?

Day comes back to knock.